Member Protection Overview

Member Protection – What you need to know.

Member protection is a term used by the Australian sports industry to describe the practices and procedures that protect an organisation’s members.

In our case, members include players, coaches and club officials such as Committee Members. It also includes friends and family members who are welcomed into the club – parents of our junior and youth players being a prime example of this.

Member Protection includes:

  • protecting members from harassment, abuse, discrimination and other forms of inappropriate behaviour
  • adopting appropriate measures to ensure the right people are involved in an organisation, particularly in relation to those involved with juniors
  • providing education opportunities
  • promoting and modelling positive behaviour

The Club has legal obligations in relation to preventing harassment and discrimination, and to maintain a Child Safe Environment, but we also recognise our moral obligations in relation to establishing standards of appropriate behaviour and in providing safe, respectful and appropriate sporting environments.

It is important to remember that Member Protection involves everyone. Whilst we establish the standards of behaviour that are expected by the Club – and which members should expect from Club officials – Member Protection provides the opportunity for people to consider their own actions, and the actions of other members towards them.

Our intent is that every member feels empowered to raise matters of concern, and be confident that the Club will respond in an appropriate manner.

Download Player and Parent Code of Conduct Form

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